A Good Day

To begin, the feedback from my first blog has been wonderful…thanks for your kind words and encouragement!!

The amazing things that have happened since moving to our new ‘home’ have been beyond measure. We have had visitors almost daily, and they have unanimously ‘loved’ the changes, and updates we have made.This would not have been possible without great Co-workers, a guiding and supportive Board of Directors, and our Foster and Adoptive Families who are second to none.

Imagine coming to work every day “serving families, youth, and one another with excellence”, and working alongside one another believing and experiencing “the more we serve the more opportunities we will be given to serve”….wow!

I continue to be asked…just how did we do this?

Sometimes I think I know exactly the answer, however, my conclusion is that there are so many things that have influenced this journey we have taken together.

Many things have changed here at Agape; most significantly the coming together of Agape Co-workers creating an extremely positive shift in ‘culture’ like no other time in our history. With this unified commitment we continue to build upon the ‘strength-based’ initiative we began nearly four years ago. Together we are focused and driven…supporting and uplifting one another and those we are dedicated to serve.

This gathering of Agape co-workers is the best in my history as Agape’s Executive Director and Founder. As a ‘team’ I remain thankful that we are centered on the mission and vision we have dedicated ourselves too, and model this philosophy throughout the agency. Our foster and adoptive families continue their unbending commitment to serve the youth entrusted to their care, loving them beyond their behaviors, and their challenges.

‘Agape Strong’….”we dont have ‘problems’, only ‘challenges’, that with our collective strengths, we will address and overcome”!

The journey we share required for us to come together, being genuine, and transparent in our unified support of the mission and vision of Agape.

Passion ‘embraced’, commitment ‘driven’, successful ‘results’…….we will settle for nothing less!

It’s an amazing time here at Agape!

Be safe,

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