A Personal MOU

Over the years I have, on occasion entered into MOU’s and during this time it provided guidance and clarity to the direction each of the parties involved were traveling together. In the busy lives which we are all involved I find myself continually stretched beyond measure….how about you?

Then I came up with this ‘crazy good’ idea!!  I have been known to have a few…such as the ‘creation of the perfect chocolate cookie’….but, not to worry I’ll share about that and some other ‘great ideas’ another time.

For now, let’s think about developing a personal or even family MOU. The idea here is to acknowledge and understand the values and goals that I, or we as a family will hold to as we go through the journey we call “life”.

As I thought about this conceptually it makes more sense than nonsense.   Think about it…I don’t know about you; however until recent years I know I have spent more time going through life than living it! We have all kinds of plans; plans to build things, plans to destroy things, performance  plans, employment plans…..plans, plans, and more plans, yet for many of us if we were asked what our ‘living-life’ plan was, we would have a problem remembering what we might be doing this weekend.

Please don’t hear me wrong……I’m challenging us (including me), to put time into having a personal understanding our lives beyond

just one’s work, and beyond the “I owe, I owe, it’s off to work I go” attitude many of us have come to have.

While this MOU may include our workplace, again I encourage us to establish this on a foundation of thought and consideration of most importantly you, and your family. When have you put yourself or your family in the position of being on the top of a list such as this?  The idea behind this special type of MOU is that you, your family and those close to you recognize it serves a reminder that an understanding of this nature actually exists within me, and with us!

Not too many years ago Coach Urban Meyer of THE Ohio State Buckeye’s life was temporarily derailed by what was thought to be a heart attack.  His life had become his work, and this was all consuming to say the least.  His success led to even greater expectations for him to succeed.

While there was no apparent end to his success, his body had another idea.  Sometime after this and after having retired from coaching, Coach Meyer was contemplating re-entering the sport that once nearly took his life.

A ‘family’ meeting occurred and while his family supported him in returning to coaching, it was with the stipulation he entered into a contract, a MOU to say, with his family. It is as follows:

1.My family always comes first

2.I will take care of myself and

maintain good health

3.I will go on a trip once a year with Nicki (at minimum)

4.I will not go more than 9 hours a day at the office

5.I will sleep with my cell phone on silent

6.I will continue to communicate daily with my kids

7.I will trust God’s plan and not be overanxious

8.I will keep the lake house

9.I will find a way to watch Nicki and Gigi play volleyball

10.I will eat three meals a day

You get the idea…life is to be lived…we plan for everything else….lets plan to live and to love the life we have been given!

Memorandum of Understanding…..take a few moments to draw yours up today and let it be a constant reminder to live everyday this amazing, awesome opportunity we call ‘life’!

Be safe,

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