Memory Recall Day

Today is what I refer to as a ‘memory recall day”. Years ago one of my co-workers who was not only a really good person, she was also a ‘rock’ when it came to her work. Seldom was she ‘rattled’ by the ongoing challenges experienced by the youth and families she served.  This particular week seemed to be one of ‘those’ weeks where every crisis took on a life of it’s own and each was supercharged in both emotion and intensity.  Literally, she was like an old time phone operator with the receiver constantly at her ear, switching from one caller to another.

Then came Friday…..and here was her post to begin the day…..


It was what happened when a call came in and her voice mail message began with “hello, this is Alisa, if you’re calling regarding a potential, or pending crisis please know my schedule today is already full.  I encourage you to get together with those you’re dealing with, and share with them that any and all crisis will have to wait until Monday to be addressed”.

Then came the message response on the other end of the phone which was priceless……”uh oh, okay, talk to you Monday”.

To clarify, she did call back the parent who had called in and told her that her voice message was just a light hearted way of reflecting on her week……..

As Kid President says take time in life to….”Pause, Breathe, Love”

Be safe,

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