Frozen by Fear

Have you ever heard this reference in describing a response to a major event in one’s life………

I have come to find that there are times in our lives where a single moments exchange with another person forever solidifies a path from our past that ultimately drives us in a positive direction in our future.

My father was a part of one of those exchanges in the beginning months of Agape, and this brief exchange has continually influenced me during our 28-year history as a family serving Agency.

In the weeks before we launched Agape, he asked me a direct, and yet thought-provoking question…. “are you scared?” His question literally stopped me in my tracks, and I immediately responded “are you kidding, I don’t have time to be scared”! Being persistent, he again asked me the question……”are you  scared?” Having a little time to gather my thoughts, I responded “yeah, I guess I am”.

My “Pop” paused for a minute, and then said something I will never forget. “Interesting thing about fear, it can either motivate you, or it can freeze you”.  “I want you to remember the choice you have in front of you as to how you deal with this “life” event may forever change your life journey”.

Not knowing how else to respond to his “fear” sharing, I changed the subject saying it was time for me to go.

As I was leaving my “Pop” looked up from the table and said, “I want to encourage you to always remember what I said, that fear can motivate you, or fear can freeze you”.  He then smiled in only the way he did, and said “stay warm Steve, stay warm”.

My wish for all of you is that when you experience times like these you remember to “Stay Warm”!

Agape Strong,



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