My Why

Inside out, outside in……how does one view one’s self? Truly a question that sometimes confronts one’s “why”.

I heard a sermon some years ago that challenged me to examine “my why”. Is my personal mission of serving consistent the mission of Agape?  Is my leadership transactional, focused on my role of supervision, organization, and group performance or is it transformational, am I motivating and engaging of co-workers, families, and supporters by sharing Agape’s mission and vision? 

To begin, I have come to see that my life in and of itself can be one of continual distractions……competition, one’s need to be accepted, along with being conscientious of, and navigating through the critical spirits of those who look for failure, only using this failure to validate themselves. This has challenged the spirit of my serving, and “my why”.

Agape has been foundational to “my why” for nearly 34 years. There have been hills and valleys in this journey of serving the youth and families entrusted to our care. 

“My why” is intertwined within my belief that “the more we serve, the more opportunities we will be given to serve”. Further “my why” is centered within the belief that we are obligated to the youth and families in our care: to provide them the best services we are able”.

“My why” is driven, and supported by those that have encouraged me to seek to always rise above the hidden agendas of those who whose motives are less than genuine. 

Finally, “my why” is often challenged by “is the climb worth the view’? Being truly centered on our mission of serving with excellence, always brings me back to “knowing the climb in fact is worth the view”! 

Be safe,



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